Mosaic Pattern

The NOVA Mosaic is a graphic element that represents the rich diversity of students, offerings, and opportunities that exist within Northern Virginia Community College. It reflects and communicates our brand essence of boldness visually and should be used to infuse your designs with the NOVA brand. This unique pattern may be used to enhance NOVA branded materials and bring visual unity to all public-facing NOVA documents. 

The NOVA Mosaic is made of interlocking shapes filled with our brand colors. It can be used as a graphic element, background, or accent to enhance NOVA branded materials.

Using the Mosaic

The mosaic has been created in three color schemes, each meant for a different NOVA audience. The green mosaic should be used on external-facing documents. The gold mosaic should be used on internal-facing documents. And the gray mosaic should be used only for special events and executive functions. 


Full guidelines on the use of NOVA’s Mosaic may be obtained through Marketing & Creative Services.