What is Content Strategy?

Content is more than just a bunch of stuff we write or produce. Content is relational and dynamic; it always makes an impression, either good or bad. Content is anything NOVA uses to communicate information to an audience. Each piece of content you create is an opportunity for one of our target audiences to engage with our brand.

Or, as content strategy guru Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic puts it, “content is what the user came to read, learn, see, or experience” either on the website, in print materials, on social media, or in traditional advertising material.

Our content strategy is the discipline of making careful choices about how to use content to strengthen connections with the people NOVA most wants to reach. If we create effective, brand-driven content, we will fuel NOVA’s enrollment growth, serve audience needs, and reinforce positive perceptions of NOVA in the marketplace.

Why this Guide?

Our marketing team at NOVA has a specific content strategy that drives ad campaigns, web projects, internal communications and overall messaging. Likewise, we recognize and appreciate that many people, like you, are creating valuable content across NOVA every day.

This section offers what we hope is an approachable method for helping you create content that is strategic, brand-driven and effective.