Tools and Templates

Consistency is the hallmark of effective brand implementation. This holds true for both visual and textual communication. To make it easier for everyone at NOVA to support the NOVA brand, we designed a number of templates to help you unify the look and feel of brand collaterals and maintain consistency across broad groups of information.

We have available templates ranging from posters and fliers to letterhead utilizing our new brand graphics. Use the links below to download zipped folders of each template collection.

Using the Templates

To edit these files, you must have Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. Keep in mind the guidelines for using the green, gold, or gray mosaic pattern. The green mosaic should be used on external-facing documents. The gold mosaic should be used on internal-facing documents. And the gray mosaic should be used only for special events and executive functions.

Please download the following .pdf guide for editing these templates, and review carefully before making changes.

Using NOVA Templates Presentation (revised)

If you have questions or trouble downloading any file, please contact Marketing and Creative Services —


Approved remote photography for use, click here.

Zoom Backgrounds

Download Zoom Background Templates

Green NOVA background with Mosaic pattern  Gold background with Ace wearing a mask


Download Letterhead Templates (Microsoft Word)

Download NOVA Letterhead 1   

PowerPoint Presentation

Download PowerPoint Templates

8.5×11″ Handouts

Download Handout Templates (Microsoft Word)


11×17 Posters

Download Poster Templates (Microsoft Word, PDFs)


Additional Templates

Additional templates may be requested from Marketing and Creative Services at