Sub Logos

Sub logos are based on the official NOVA logo and are available only for campuses, academic programs and administrative offices. This allows areas of the College to have an independent look, but still be part of the larger identity system of NOVA. Student clubs and organizations, campus groups, college initiatives, partnerships and outreach programs may be approved for sub logos on a case-by-case basis.

Only one option is available for sub logos: The horizontal NOVA logo followed by a dividing line underneath and the department’s name. The NOVA graphics and marketing departments are responsible for designing, implementing and approving sub logos. Sub logos may not be designed, created or implemented by any other department. They will be created using the main green and gold colors of the NOVA logo and will adhere to the configurations, sizing and spacing guidelines of the official College logo.

Academic departments and administrative offices needing a sub logo should contact:

Sub Logo Use

All approved sub logos are permitted for internal use, also known as college facing audiences (faculty, staff, current students). Internal use includes but is not limited to printed communications, digital use, merchandise and swag creation. Student life organizations, services, clubs and administrative offices may use their respective sub logos for internal use only.

Academic program and athletic sub logos are permitted for external use (prospective students and the general public) on a case-by-case basis. This includes but is not limited to all print and digital marketing pieces, merchandise and swag. All marketing and outreach materials should promote and feature the official NOVA logo to promote the school as a whole.

All new materials, whether they be for internal or external use, must be approved through the NOVA graphics and marketing departments. Approval requests can be sent to