College Program Logos

Generally speaking, programs, special initiatives, partnerships, and other units or projects at NOVA may not create their own logos. The NOVA marketing team will allow exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, exceptions will be allowed for programs that meet these criteria:

  • Have a strong partnership component with an entity outside of NOVA that requires the creation of such a logo.
  • The program’s work is run through NOVA but does not work directly with NOVA’s internal or external audiences. 

These exceptions for non-complying program logos will be considered through the spring of 2020, after which all units will be required to have a standard NOVA sublogo. Programs that have an existing non-complying logo may continue to use it until their printed materials run out, but all new printed materials such as letterhead, business cards, etc. should use a standard sublogo. College programs can request a sublogo or exemption by contacting: