NOVA Brand Pillars & Core Values

The brand pillars are the topics that should anchor our messages and provide a guide for your content. When creating copy or visuals, try to emphasize or illustrate at least one of these pillars, either overtly (by literally using the phrase) or in more subtle ways, like telling stories that prove one of the pillars to be true. We provide examples throughout this guide on how to do that.

If we do a good job emphasizing these topics, then even people who don’t know these are our brand pillars will still be able to discern that these things are true of NOVA.


A Springboard to Opportunity. We offer more than 130 degree and certificate programs.

Experts in the Classroom and in the Field. Our award-winning faculty are highly qualified and credentialed by some of the top universities in the nation.

Relevant and In-Demand. Programs in sought-after industries such as Cybersecurity, Healthcare and Information Technology showcase our commitment to evolving with the needs of today’s workforce.

Big School Experience, Small School Feel. As a multiple campus institution, we offer a large number and variety of excellent programs, substantial services and resources.

Real-World Diversity. We are the ninth most internationally diverse college in the nation with students from more than 180 countries. The NOVA experience prepares students for the diverse communities they’ll join after leaving NOVA.

Outstanding Value. Low tuition rates and transfer opportunities allow students to save thousands on their education.


Care is demonstrated at NOVA through a culture of compassion where success and well-being are prioritized in our commitment to developing authentic relationships and providing resources to foster a supportive and thriving community.

Excellence is demonstrated at NOVA through our high quality and cutting-edge programs; innovative, talented and experienced faculty and staff; and strong and effective relationships with employer and university partners—all to ensure our students are ready for graduation, transfer and high-demand careers.

Inclusion is demonstrated at NOVA through our intentional commitment to welcoming, supporting and engaging diverse people and perspectives so that a sense of belonging is cultivated throughout our college community.

Integrity is demonstrated at NOVA through adherence to principles and actions that foster accountability, honesty and trustworthiness; commitment to truth and fairness is ensured by ethical, equitable and professional behavior, and prioritizing the needs of students and the community we serve.

Respect is demonstrated at NOVA through treating each other with courtesy and dignity, acknowledging and valuing differing ideas and perspectives, affirming the uniqueness of every individual and being mindful of personal boundaries.