How to Produce Great Content

We all want our content to be great. But what is great content for NOVA, and how do we go about creating it?

Simply put, great content does three things:

  • It appeals to a specific audience (or multiple audiences).
  • It helps the audience take action.
  • It reinforces our brand.

If content does just one or two of those things, it falls a bit flat. Think about it:

If we……The result is
Talk only about our brand, but in ways our audiences don’t find interesting……we come across as narcissistic or self-centered.
Only tell audiences what they want to hear but we aren’t authentic to our brand……we’ll water down what makes us unique.
Write interesting, brand-driven content but audiences aren’t sure what to do once they’ve finished reading……we’ve missed an opportunity to deepen their connection to NOVA.

To be truly effective, every piece of content needs to achieve each one of those goals. Keep these strategies in mind whenever you create content for NOVA:

  • Strategy 1 – Make it authentically NOVA: Point to the pillars.
  • Strategy 2 – Know your audience: Be relevant and interesting!
  • Strategy 3 – Know the purpose for every piece of content: Include clear messages and calls to action.